Cloud Forest Pavilion

floor plan.jpg
elevation diagram.jpg

This pavilion project is designed for exhibiting furniture. The design proposal is inspired by this forest and the emotions that it brings to the people. The forest becomes the best playground for children. As children have grown into adults, this precious memory stays in their heart and their spirit. The most important part of this memory of the forest is the emotion or emotions it brings and the forest heals us in many ways.

The design has open concept instead of closed concept. Open concept create environment for visitors to easily interact with exhibitor and the furniture pieces and easily notices what’s behind other furniture. The base is divided into four parts made with organic forms creating fluid and dynamic circulation. The base of the pavilion is raised mimicking the bumpy and rough landscape. The visitors are able to freely step up and walk around on the base experiencing the memory of the forest. The forest (Pavilion) become multi-functional place to display, present, look, play and rest. The wooden furniture which is displayed on the base of pavilion represents trees. Visitors are wandering through trees (Furniture made with Ontario Wood) in the forest. Finally, Phenomena of clouds (light floating figures) surrounding the base completing the aesthetics of the forest. The Pavilion is journey of the senses moving through the clouds (light floating wooden figures).