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The proposal is sited Lech am Arlberg, Austria. The site is famous for hiking and skiing in the beautiful nature. The house is designed for people who come to visit this place for hiking and skiing. This guest house is a place for courageously exploring their own identity and a place to learn how to be kind, respect and trust with others.

One big roof connects every individual guest houses and common areas. The form displays in harmony with the steep and rugged terrain forms of mountains which surround the building and It blends in naturally to the environment.

While making space less complex, this proposed building is designed to a more human reality. Nothingness oppose to the overload of elements that provoke an unsustainable visual noise in Modern life. This Nothingness that this building pursue cleans out all the things that might distract the user from the essence of space and pure nature. It displays subtraction and reduction to the space in order to give back the true beauty of the environment.

The building form creates very natural circulation to get to the peak of the mountain. One way is to go under roof and another way is to go through underground and walk up using spiral stairs. It creates an enriched experience of the journey to the top of the mountain; where visitors could find the spectacular scene of nature looking down from the peak.

The guest house is separated to individual units throughout the landscape. In-between spaces of these units creates natural paths to climb up to the mountain. This scattered unit displays idea of being in the forest and wandering through the trees.

Common areas are designed in the centre of other individual units. This centre area becomes a gathering place and designed as community area. This space also functions as change room and as a circulating area in-between inside and outside hot spring areas.